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Carbon Water Softeners

Carbon Water Softeners

The recent advent of carbon water softeners represents a major breakthrough in the field of water filtration. Preserving the benefits of both hard water and soft water, these innovative new best water softeners finally allow homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds. To understand how significant an achievement this is, a rudimentary understanding of the different benefits of hard and soft water is in order.

The fundamental problem with hard water’s higher concentration of calcium and magnesium has nothing to do with human health. Rather, the problem with hard water is that these minerals can lead to damaging scale buildup in pipes and water heaters. Unfortunately, traditional water softener systems’ capacity to remove these minerals poses an entirely different problem.

Carbon Water Softeners and Nutrition

When you remove such natural minerals from your water system, you deprive your body of nutrients that it needs, effectively choosing the health of your plumbing over the health of your body. Carbon water softeners distinguish themselves by removing this problem altogether. By using proprietary technology to restructure, rather than remove, these important minerals, carbon water softeners alleviate scale buildup without robbing you of minerals, adding corrosive salt to your water, or shortening the life of your plumbing system.

Ubertest All Natural Testosterone Booster for Men By Ubervita Review

Ubertest All Natural Testosterone Booster

I am a thirty-seven year old male, and I seem to keep feeling a bit tired and deflated at the end of the day.  Sometimes I do not even have the energy or motivation to go to the gym after work, which just compounds the problem for me. So I decided to check testosterone booster. I was getting very frustrated when I came across an article that said men start to lose testosterone in their mid to late thirties, and the results they described were exactly what I was feeling.  After looking around on line, I came across the Ubertest All Natural Testosterone Booster.  Since it came so highly recommended I bought a bottle to see how it would work for me.

Makes you feel like your old self

Let me just say, this testosterone booster is nothing short of a fountain of youth.  Since I started taking it four weeks ago, I almost immediately began to notice a difference.  I stopped feeling so tired and sluggish in the afternoons, I was motivated to work harder, I had more energy, I felt like I used to feel – I felt like myself again!

You’ll notice gains at the gym

Lately I have really noticed a huge difference during my workouts at the gym.  I am able to push harder, work out longer, and I do not need three to four minutes of recovery time in between sets any more.  I have been able to start adding weight back on to some of my lifts, and I am almost approaching my old PR levels which I have not been close to since my twenties.

Some of the reviews said that this supplement helps people focus better, and I do not know exactly what they mean by this.  I have not really noticed an improved level of concentration or anything, but perhaps because I have so much more energy I am able to maintain my focus for longer periods of time without getting so fatigued, so maybe it is working.

No side effects

Since I started taking this testosterone booster, I have not noticed any ill side effects.  I have only been taking it for about a month, but I have experienced nothing negative, and have nothing but positive results, of which I am very thankful for.  If you are like me, if you are in your thirties and you have noticed you are starting to slow down a bit, do yourself a huge favor and try the Ubertest Booster.  You are going to love it.

Diffusion and Osmosis in Biological Systems

Biological Systems

A study of reverse osmosis system, or the science of life, and, specifically, the cell, is not complete without at least an introduction to the principles of diffusion and osmosis. These very basic principles not only govern how many substances are transported throughout the cell, and the body, but also give an important grounding in the fundamentals of how many life processes, be they in animals or plants, work.

The cell contains a selectively permeable membrane, illustrated through the fluid mosaic model. Diffusion is the movement of a substance from a higher concentration to a lower concentration, down their concentration gradient. While this may sound rather complex, it is not, and may be explained in the following manner. First, picture a large glass containing only water. Then, picture a drop of ink being released into that water. The ink hits the water as a small droplet, but then spreads out, eventually mixing with all the water. The ink is moving from an area of high ink concentration, and lower water concentration, to an equal distribution, or at least an attempt to, throughout the glass. This is similar to how diffusion works. Stuff moves from a higher concentration to a lower concentration.

Osmosis is a similar concept, built off of the idea of diffusion. Osmosis deals only with water, and the solutes in it. A solution is used to describe a mixture of solvent and solute-for instances, in a glass of salt water, the solvent (substances that does the dissolving) is the water, while the solute (substance that gets dissolved) is the salt, and the solution is the entire mixture. Thus, in osmosis, substance will move from a lower concentration of solute to a higher concentration of solute. While at first glance this may seem to be in contradiction to the principle of diffusion, it isn’t. Instead, think of it this way-when there is a low concentration of solute, there is a high concentration of water. When there is a high concentration of solute, there is a low concentration of water. Thus, water is still following the principles of diffusion, and is moving from a area of high concentration to a region of lower concentration.

A cell usually tries to be in an isotonic environment, where it is most stable. Isotonic is when there is an even distribution of solute on both sides of the cell membrane, inside and out. Thus, there is not a sudden rush of water in, or out. However, this theoretical environment is not always the case, and the cell may be hypotonic (have less solute inside than outside the cell) and water may leave the cell, as the cell is hypotonic to its environment, while the outside of the cell is hyptertonic (has a greater concentration of solute, and less water) to the cell. Or, it may be hypertonic (have more solute in the cell than in its outside environment) and water may rush inside the cell, possibly causing it to lyse, or explode from too much water.

Many, many biological processes require an understanding of the concepts of diffusion, and osmosis before they can be understood. Fish use these principles to regulate their body environment to the outside water. Substances are moved between the mother and her unborn baby in the blood across the placenta according to these concepts. The list goes on and on of examples of diffusion and osmosis, pointing out exactly how necessary these concepts are for a study in biology.

Essential Tips to Care of a Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby

Entering the world of parenting comes forward with several challenges and other kinds of aspects. Overcoming the same and turning into confident parents might seem like a hard task, but it is not impossible. You can be prepared to face these challenges and welcome your baby into this world without facing a lot of difficulties. But to accomplish this task, you need to be aware of specific tips and methods that are known to be beneficial. Hence, go ahead and read them all out.

1.   Feeding Your Baby

As we all know, feeding is one of the most critical parts about taking care of a newborn baby. For this purpose, you need to be ready to feed the baby every 2 to 3 hours. Since breast milk contains vital nutrients and antibodies, an infant baby should be fed nothing but breast milk. In order to get things started, you need to nurse the baby for at least 10 minutes and hold the breast near the baby’s lips until they latch firmly and start sucking.

Feeding Your Baby

2. Holding Your Baby

While holding the baby, you must support your baby’s head and neck with one hand. This is mainly done because their neck muscles are not strong enough to hold up the head independently. As the backbone is still going through the stages of development, you need to lend your baby with the right kind of support. While specific changes can be seen after three months, you need to follow the procedure for an extended period to be safe and far away from problems.

3. Taking Care of the Umbilical Cord Stump

Taking good care of the umbilical cord stump is an essential part of the overall process. After providing the baby with a bath after delivery, you need to ensure to keep the navel area clean and dry. Keeping the diaper folded down is another method for the stump to dry. Soon after doing the same, you need to disinfect your hand and make sure that it is clean. While cleaning, always use a damp cloth and lookout for signs of infection.

As a result, if you come across swelling, smelly discharge, redness or pus, then immediately take the baby to a paediatrician. Taking the right kind of precautions is always essential.

Umbilical Cord Stump

4. Diapers

Changing diapers tend to become an everyday process as it turns out to be common when your baby is getting sufficient milk or formula. As a result, change their diapers frequently and as soon as it feels full. The process might even go on for about 10 to 12 times a day. Regardless you need to be ready to take care of your loved one. Hence. Understand these tips and move ahead to implement the same.

2 Year Check Up

Check Up

Kellar went to Dallas Thursday for his 2 year check up and for once I did not leave there with this nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach. The dr seemed to be very impressed with how far Kellar has come! Kellar walked all over the place, climbing in chairs and pointing to things and saying what he thought they were. He mentioned that I may need to start looking into a special school for Kellar, I hear the words come out of his mouth but it hit me after he had walked away and I felt the queeziness creeping up on me. The nurse came and called us back and began asking me a lot of questions about what Kellar is doing ( I ‘m assuming she had a list of things he should be doing or attempting to do ) and Dr. Suterwala came in and said he wanted to come in and observe Kellar some more. I had a chance to ask him about the special school and if he felt that Kellar would need to be in a special needs school and if so why would he think that, he said that is not what he meant, he was meaning I should look into getting Kellar into a preschool program when he hits about 3. He told me that he was not concerned about Kellars development and felt Kellar was doing great and by looking at him he is not seeing any effects from his bilateral grade 3 bleeds, he did however comment on Kellars gait. I knew it was coming, it was a little hard to hear it come from someone else but in my heart I knew that there was a visible difference in Kellars gait and other 2 year olds. He felt that this was a direct result of Kellars cerebellum damage, thankfully his balance has improved and I’ll be praying it continually gets better as he walks more and more. He noticed that Kellar drools like a mad man, he didn’t make any reccomendations on how to get it under control and pretty much agreed that Kellar is a mouth breather and when he’s doing something his mouth is open. He sort of tested Kellars cognitive skills, Kellar did great! They felt that his speech is something that will just take off one day but like everyone they would like to see 2 word sentences. I am very proud of my lil man. He is in the 50-75th percentile for his weight, 50th for his height and ya know I’m just not sure where his head circumference was on the chart. Kellar got his 2nd hep A shot, poor baby knows exactly what those nurses are up to when 2 walk in and one squats down in front of him. I asked the dr if he would continue to follow Kellar and hopefully get more info out there for other parents who may one day face having a child with cerebellum damage. When I was told of Kellars bleed I desperately wanted studies, statistics and sadly there’s not much out there, he said he definately planned on continuing to follow Kellars progress for studies he is conducting on grade 3 and 4 IVH and on the cerebellum since out of the whole practice Kellar and 1 other child are ones he sees with cerebellum damage. I can’t tell you how nice it was to leave there and be so anxious to pick up the phone and call everyone to tell them news that made my day!!!

2 Word Sentences

2 Word Sentences

Who needs them when you can get anything you want using just 1 word? Kellar my dear sweet charming absolutely adorable son you do. If Kellar could read he would be thinking… but mom when I say milk you automatically know that I want a bottle, or when I say shoe and bring it to you understand that I am wanting you to put my shoes on. I guess this is where we may be going wrong, I know what Kellar wants and rather than pushing and pushing and pushing for him to tell me I just do it, don’t get me wrong I try but finally I give up. I don’t want to give up, I don’t want to just accept that Kellar is using only one word and just be happy with it, I want him to talk to me, I want him to communicate with us so badly. Kellar knows so many words that some days I am blown away with what comes out of his mouth, but for whatever reason he is not putting them together and to sit here and say that it doesn’t bother me would be stretching the truth, yes it bothers me…it in some way concerns me! But there is nothing I can do to change it. Kellars st said that the amount of words he has is impressive and he’s learning new ones daily, she said that if he would just start using 2 word sentences he would more than likely be age appropriate, do you know how nice that would be to have Kellar labeled as *age appropriate* rather than several months behind? In other areas Kellar has improved tons, he is now able to walk farther distances without falling, his balance seems to be improving so much but there is still obvious differences in Kellars gait and other 2 year olds, he has a really hard time using a spoon and honestly I think I need to push to have him reevaluated by ot but just thinking about it makes me have that nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach, these are things that to other parents are nothing compared to what they may be going through but these are things that are very much real to me. Kellar is a very amazing little boy and I am thankful for what he is doing and can only pray that he will continue to amaze me!!!

I Have A Stair Master

Stair Master

and I’m not talking about the workout machine either. Kellar loves stairs, in fact loves them may be a slight understatement. I seriously have never seen anything like this in my life, he will go a mile out of his way to climb a step or a tep as he calls it, a 2 story house for us is most definately out of the question, but hey on a postive note we would always know where in the house he was. I don’t know if it is because Kellars therapist has him climbing the steps in pt or if it is some sort of sensory seeking issue, most people think it’s cute or funny, yes I agree I do see the humor in it but my gosh do you have any clue how tiring it is going up and down the steps over and over again? Strange thing is though is that it’s not just a step, it’s anything that involves him picking up his foot to another level, he’ll spot a curb and that’s all he sees is the opportunity to be able to step up on it, then once he gets on it he’s wanting to step back down onto the pavement, then back up onto the sidewalk and this too turns into a 5 minute ordeal and that’s only because I finally pick him up and remove him from that area. Blocks…Kellar will take a lego block and try and stand on it, his dipe wipe container, lunchbox, sippy cups…anything he thinks he can step on he will. On a positive note he was able to climb the stairs at the park last week all by himself, of course I was right there on his heels behind him but he did it! He’s faster going up than he is coming down but he’ll get it. Oh and we have a few 2 sentence words, not a whole slew but a few, we’re getting there. Maybe one day dad will get up ALL of the pics?