and I’m not talking about the workout machine either. Kellar loves stairs, in fact loves them may be a slight understatement. I seriously have never seen anything like this in my life, he will go a mile out of his way to climb a step or a tep as he calls it, a 2 story house for us is most definately out of the question, but hey on a postive note we would always know where in the house he was. I don’t know if it is because Kellars therapist has him climbing the steps in pt or if it is some sort of sensory seeking issue, most people think it’s cute or funny, yes I agree I do see the humor in it but my gosh do you have any clue how tiring it is going up and down the steps over and over again? Strange thing is though is that it’s not just a step, it’s anything that involves him picking up his foot to another level, he’ll spot a curb and that’s all he sees is the opportunity to be able to step up on it, then once he gets on it he’s wanting to step back down onto the pavement, then back up onto the sidewalk and this too turns into a 5 minute ordeal and that’s only because I finally pick him up and remove him from that area. Blocks…Kellar will take a lego block and try and stand on it, his dipe wipe container, lunchbox, sippy cups…anything he thinks he can step on he will. On a positive note he was able to climb the stairs at the park last week all by himself, of course I was right there on his heels behind him but he did it! He’s faster going up than he is coming down but he’ll get it. Oh and we have a few 2 sentence words, not a whole slew but a few, we’re getting there. Maybe one day dad will get up ALL of the pics?


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