The recent advent of carbon water softeners represents a major breakthrough in the field of water filtration. Preserving the benefits of both hard water and soft water, these innovative new best water softeners finally allow homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds. To understand how significant an achievement this is, a rudimentary understanding of the different benefits of hard and soft water is in order.

The fundamental problem with hard water’s higher concentration of calcium and magnesium has nothing to do with human health. Rather, the problem with hard water is that these minerals can lead to damaging scale buildup in pipes and water heaters. Unfortunately, traditional water softener systems’ capacity to remove these minerals poses an entirely different problem.

Carbon Water Softeners and Nutrition

When you remove such natural minerals from your water system, you deprive your body of nutrients that it needs, effectively choosing the health of your plumbing over the health of your body. Carbon water softeners distinguish themselves by removing this problem altogether. By using proprietary technology to restructure, rather than remove, these important minerals, carbon water softeners alleviate scale buildup without robbing you of minerals, adding corrosive salt to your water, or shortening the life of your plumbing system.


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