Kellar went to Dallas Thursday for his 2 year check up and for once I did not leave there with this nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach. The dr seemed to be very impressed with how far Kellar has come! Kellar walked all over the place, climbing in chairs and pointing to things and saying what he thought they were. He mentioned that I may need to start looking into a special school for Kellar, I hear the words come out of his mouth but it hit me after he had walked away and I felt the queeziness creeping up on me. The nurse came and called us back and began asking me a lot of questions about what Kellar is doing ( I ‘m assuming she had a list of things he should be doing or attempting to do ) and Dr. Suterwala came in and said he wanted to come in and observe Kellar some more. I had a chance to ask him about the special school and if he felt that Kellar would need to be in a special needs school and if so why would he think that, he said that is not what he meant, he was meaning I should look into getting Kellar into a preschool program when he hits about 3. He told me that he was not concerned about Kellars development and felt Kellar was doing great and by looking at him he is not seeing any effects from his bilateral grade 3 bleeds, he did however comment on Kellars gait. I knew it was coming, it was a little hard to hear it come from someone else but in my heart I knew that there was a visible difference in Kellars gait and other 2 year olds. He felt that this was a direct result of Kellars cerebellum damage, thankfully his balance has improved and I’ll be praying it continually gets better as he walks more and more. He noticed that Kellar drools like a mad man, he didn’t make any reccomendations on how to get it under control and pretty much agreed that Kellar is a mouth breather and when he’s doing something his mouth is open. He sort of tested Kellars cognitive skills, Kellar did great! They felt that his speech is something that will just take off one day but like everyone they would like to see 2 word sentences. I am very proud of my lil man. He is in the 50-75th percentile for his weight, 50th for his height and ya know I’m just not sure where his head circumference was on the chart. Kellar got his 2nd hep A shot, poor baby knows exactly what those nurses are up to when 2 walk in and one squats down in front of him. I asked the dr if he would continue to follow Kellar and hopefully get more info out there for other parents who may one day face having a child with cerebellum damage. When I was told of Kellars bleed I desperately wanted studies, statistics and sadly there’s not much out there, he said he definately planned on continuing to follow Kellars progress for studies he is conducting on grade 3 and 4 IVH and on the cerebellum since out of the whole practice Kellar and 1 other child are ones he sees with cerebellum damage. I can’t tell you how nice it was to leave there and be so anxious to pick up the phone and call everyone to tell them news that made my day!!!


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